Molly’s Pilgrim

My favorite Thanksgiving Children's Book

True confession, when I read this book out loud to students I cry. I cover it well, but every time it gets to me. Part of the pull for me is that Molly is a Russian refugee looking for a new home in America. My in-laws were also Russian refuges who fled Stalin’s Russia.

Molly is in 3rd grade when she hears the story of Thanksgiving and the pilgrims. In a heart warming story she comes to understand that she is also a pilgrim seeking religious freedom.

The story has the requisite mean girls who mock her accent and make fun of her Thanksgiving project, but in the end they all learn a bit more about what the spirit of Thanksgiving (and America) is really about.

This is a classic story, but if you have somehow missed it, I strongly suggest grabbing a copy.  Libraries are sure to have it, but it’s less than $4 on Amazon. Clicking on the photo above to purchase the book will earn me a small commission.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Kelli Tinahui

    I️ just ordered this at the library last week. I️ love this book. I’m excited to read it to the girls

    • kelly

      It’s one of my all time favorites. Each time I read it I think it won’t be as good as I remember. HAHA I love when the stuck up girls get theirs.

  • Ellen Bayles

    Put it in the cart to purchase soon!

    • kelly

      You’ll love it!