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Art can help you get ready for Easter

Why not spend some time picturing the activity of Jesus as he moves toward the climax of the crucifixion and resurrection day? This devotion will help you prepare for Easter and help you to see the season in a fresh new way.

Silent Saturday – Anastasis in the Chora Church

Holy Saturday, Silent Saturday, either way today is a day of expectant waiting, at least it is for us as we know that Easter is coming. The disciples experience was much different. And what was Christ doing on this ‘in between’ time, but descend. Here is a painting for Holy Saturday.

Good Friday ‘Dead Jesus Day’ Meditation

My son, Levi, when he was little was confused by the term Good Friday and insisted we rename the day ‘Dead Jesus Day’. The concept that death could be good was beyond him, and the more literal description brings the hard truth of the day to the fore. Today we remember the cost of our […]

Maundy Thursday – Tintoretto: “Christ Washing the Disciple’s Feet”

Today is Maundy Thursday. The event commemorated on this day in holy week is Last Supper on Passover and the washing of the disciples feet. I want to share a portion of this devotional based on the work of Tintoretto entitled “Christ Washing the Disciple’s Feet.” The full video and PDF along with more devotionals […]

Holy Wednesday – Giotto: The Kiss of Judas

Today is Holy Wednesday, also known as Spy Wednesday (Good Wednesday and Holy and Great Wednesday). The event commemorated on this day in holy week is the conspiracy between Judas and the Jewish leaders to have Jesus crucified. I want to share a portion of this devotional based on the work of Giotto entitled “The […]

Fra Angelico’s The Mocking of Christ

I’ve been anxiously waiting to get to this painting in the Lent Devotional because I’ve found it both intriguing and beautiful.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If you would like to purchase the the rest of the devotional you can do that here. You can also read about another Fra […]

Peter Paul Rubens – Was the Old Master a Spy?

The Consequences of War, (or sometimes The Horrors of War) is an impressive painting by Peter Paul Rubens. The work was painted in response to the Thirty Years’ War and is heavily allegorical. Using mythological iconography to convey an eloquent warning, Rubens gives us a painting of disturbing beauty. The message of ‘The Consequences of […]