The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been concealed by the answers.

— James Baldwin

Lent Devotional 2021

This devotional includes 4 works of art to help us imagine and reimagine the issues of the gospel this Lenten season:

  • The Temptation of Christ by Duccio
  • Christ Healing the Blind Man by Giochino Assereto
  • The Transfiguration by Raphael
  • Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee


These are not your typical Lenten subjects, but the paintings are compelling and worth consideration as we attempt to understand and emulate the deep and dynamic life of Christ.

The lessons are in downloadable PDF form and contain detailed information about the paintings, activities for adults and children, individuals and groups, as well as a devotional piece for contemplation.

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