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Lent – Penitence and Preparation

Although many Christian traditions no longer observe Lent, I’ve found preparing for the celebration of Easter deepens the experience. Combining my research in art with Lent I’ve created a Visual Lent Devotional.

I’d like to invite you to join me on my journey, exploring the Art of Christ’s Passion. These devotionals will begin on Ash Wednesday, and continue through Holy Week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday a new devotional video focused on a piece of art (20 videos all together) will be used to speak to us in a fresh way the timeless truths of the Easter Season.

Artists frequently take the familiar, twist it slightly changing the perspective, and give us a fresh vision. Art focused on Christ life is no different. I think you will find these works contain profound insights and fresh inspiration, expanding your understanding of Christ ministry. I hope you will be encouraged and filled with anticipation to celebrate the Resurrection with a renewed spirit this coming Easter morning.

You can view the first Devotional in the series here.

The devotional can be purchased from our Shop, however, I don’t want anyone who wishes to use the devotional to miss out due to a lack of funds. If that is your situation just send me an email and I will see you get the information.

Each of the devotionals is also available in a PDF format if you prefer to read or print it.

Here is what people are saying about Kelly’s work:

“I never would have noticed all the little details that the artist included that make this so much more than just another “Jesus on the cross” painting! Thanks for doing such an amazing job explaining and pointing out the really interesting nuances and details! Goosebumps and watery eyes were also present because of the real impact this painting has when so well explained. Fantastic. Can’t wait for more videos from you!”        – Josh

“I have been watching the devotionals and they so well researched and explained. It has broadened by appreciation of art and has been so meaning during this Easter season. Kelly you have done an amazing job.”      – Vera

“Amazing – an hour ago I had no idea that this painting existed. Now that I do, it’s going to take some time to get it out of my head (not a bad thing btw!), wow is right! I like to think I would have understood what this painting was about if I was left to my own devices – but after watching your video, not a chance! Your ability to seemingly get into the artist’s head, what they’re thinking, and all wrapped up in the context of the time a work was created, just great stuff!”      – Mike

The content of this video is exactly what I hoped to find to help me better understand art. My education was lacking in any study of art or art history and I felt ignorant when I had a chance to view amazing art at the Uffizi in Florance, Italy. I am grateful to Kelly Bagdanov for confirming my belief that it is possible to learn about interpretation of art to better enjoy it.     – Joyce

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