Because Art is too Important not to Teach

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Learn a little about me and my family and the journey of education and family that serves as the foundation for this website.

I love art history because exposure to art develops empathy, hones critical thinking, connects disciplines, encourages curiosity and creates better students.


Running a private school that catered to the homeschooling community for 20 years reinforced my belief in education as critical, not just for success in a career or vocation, but for success as a human being who enjoys life, appreciates beauty, and contributes.

As a wife, mom, grandmother, educator, art lover, mentor, homeschool advocate, speaker, and writer, I work to live out my faith in an authentic way. I value kindness, loyalty, honesty, and curiosity and hope that my work here will lead to a more compassionate community and world.



My husband and I were blessed with four amazing sons, who married four of the best women I’ve had the privilege of knowing. My boys have shaped all that I offer here, as teaching is a give and take proposition. While I was officially their teacher until they headed off to college, what they have taught me over the years is beyond measure and I will forever be in their debt.