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My last graduation with Grace Prep School.

Glad you’ve stopped by my website. My name is Kelly, and I’m a wife, mom, grandmother, writer and speaker.

I’ve recently retired from running a private school that catered to the homeschooling community and I’m focusing on developing an Art History curriculum. As that work continues I am posting several series of articles on art on this blog.

Along with art articles, I continue to write on education. If you would like to receive my newsletter please subscribe. I promise that I won’t send more than one or two emails each month.

If you want to know even more, here is a quick bio…

I had four sons in 7 years, and it was more than a little crazy. My husband was a pastor, I was finding my way as a mom, and then we decided to homeschool. Many days I wondered…what was I thinking? Was I qualified? Would my kids have (gasp) gaps in their knowledge? Would they have friends? What about the prom? (Okay, that one never occurred to me…but it occurred to a shocking number of friends and family when they learned of our decision.)

My 4 boys, from the left..Caleb, Joseph, Levi, Timothy.

I was looking for help and information anywhere I could find it. Back then (oh, about 30 years ago) there weren’t nearly the resources there are now. Fortunately for me, I had a sister in law who was a credentialed teacher and was also homeschooling her girls. She kept me sane in those early years.

Time passed, I gained confidence, developed a style that worked for my busy family, and then, with a friend,…I started Grace Prep School. That was over 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, all of my sons are college graduates, married and doing great. Turns out, homeschooling was an awesome option for us. Through Grace Prep I’ve worked with hundreds of homeschool kids from all sorts of backgrounds and found so much joy in entering into this journey with other families.

Now I’ve entered an exciting and new stage of life and I’m looking forward to working on my art history curriculum and working as a homeschooling consultant. Thanks again for dropping by.

New photos of the grandbaby soon, so there is that.

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