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Art Here you will find posts on various pieces of Art and the series Advent in Art.  Explore the fascinating world of art by clicking on the thumbnail or here to see the links to the articles.



Lent in Art. The suffering of Christ and the events leading up to Holy Week are a major theme in Western Art. In this series Kelly delves in to the rich imagery in the works displaying the passion of the Christ. See the season of Lent through art that is familiar to you albeit full of imagery you may not have noticed before. Coming soon.


If you are NEW TO HOMESCHOOLING Kelly has great information for you to get started, keep on track, develop your philosophy and to make your experience the best it can be. With three decades of experience, help is only a click away.

Kelly has been writing and blogging for a long time and has accumulated a number of articles and here are some of our FAVORITES.



Much of homeschooling is basic parenting, so we have included some articles on PARENTING.



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