Advent in Art


Advent in Art is a view of the Christmas story through the eyes of the best artists in the Western World. 25 works of art that highlight the birth of Jesus will give you a look at the familiar Christmas story in a way you may not have experienced before.
The pieces of art are explained from a historical standpoint and an artistic and conceptual perspective. Details about the works and artists help you to see the message of the artist is wanting you to see.
I wrote these during a turbulent time in my life and they certainly brought me a measure of joy and focused my mind on things other than my struggle. Art has a way of drawing you in and speaking to you in ways that are different than story or study. I hope that they serve the same purpose for you in bringing a salve to your heart, a prick to your mind, an elevation to your spirit.
Enjoy these works.

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This E-Book consists of in depth examinations of 25 pieces of art that focus on the Advent Season. Filled with color and insight, these works will change your advent and Christmas perspectives.


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