Overview of Western Art


The Overview of Western Art gives you a wide selection of works to introduce your students to the world of art. This is a good initial purchase and a foundation for your Observation Deck collection.


Welcome to the Grand Tour.

This Western Art Overview is part of the Going Broad part of the curriculum. You will find included in this course six Observation Decks, an Introductory Video, A Map for the Tour, A Guidebook describing the works of art included in the Observation Decks.

Here is what is included in this packet:

  1. The Introduction to Art History Video
  2. The Map for the Tour PDF
  3. The Guidebook for this packet with information on all the works of art
  4. Byzantine Observation Deck
  5. Baroque Observation Deck
  6. Northern Renaissance Observation Deck
  7. Italian Renaissance Observation Deck
  8. Impressionist Observation Deck
  9. Modern Observation Deck

With this purchase you have the beginnings of a comprehensive overview of art throughout history. From here you can  add Supplemental Observation Decks and Going Deeper Lessons to complement this starter kit. Congratulations, you and your students are on your way to a Grand Tour of art.

All of the items of the curriculum are here in digital form, You may download and print out the materials for your personal use in your educational context. Thanks for joining us on this journey of art.


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